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\jP Biodiversity 

The Herball, or, Generall historie of plantes /gathered by John Gerarde of 

London, master in chirurgerie. 

imprinted at LondonBy lohn Norton, 1597. 

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OfT>andelion . Chap .50. 



A.r*^/^i DensLesm, 



2 VensUonuChhorszata* 

it the defer if tion. 

CuMXa Cr<,4^j'l**«* 


1 >-|-« He hcrbc which is commdnly called Dandclionj doth fcnde foorth from the rootc long 

I leaiies deepcly cut and gafhcd in the edges like thofe of wildc fiiccorie, but fmoodicn 

^ vpon eueric ftalke ftandeth a flower greater then that of Succoric , but double and 

thickc fet ro^ither, of colour yellowe and ftvcetc in imell , which is turned into a round dow- 

nicblbvvbalirthat is car icd awaie with the winde. Therooteislong, flender^fuU of milkiciuicc 

when any part oFit is broken jas is the En dine or Succoriejbut bitterer in tafte then Succorie, 

2 There is alfo another kinde of Succorie which may be referred heereunto, whole leaues arc 
long ^cut like thofe of broade leafed Succorie: the ftalkes are not vnlikcj being deuidcd into braua- 
ches as thofe ofDandcIionj but lefTerjwhich alfo vanilbeth into downe when the fecdcis ripe, na- 
iling a long and white rootc. 

^ The place. "^ _ , 

They are found often in mcdows ncerc vnto water ditches ^as alfo in gardens and iii high waics 

muchtrodcn. • 

^ Theti?ne, 
owcr mod times in the ycere^efpccially if the winter be not extrcame coldc. 

^ Themmes, . j^ 

f hcfc plants belong to the Succories ^ among which TheofhraHu^ in his 7. ^^^'^^"^"'ljj 
w;^H?ii;^,X^<?;24ri»jF^cj&y^/jthinkcih that Dandelion is HedypnoUFlmij , of which he writem in 
2o.bookc8.chapter,al[Hrmin?ittobeawildekindeof broade leafed Succorie, and that Dan c 
on is Taraxacon : h^xtTdraxAcon as ^uicen tcacbcth in his 6^ 2. Chapter is Garden EndiuCj as 




jfiii^mcntioncthinhis 143. cIiapi:cr,vvho citing i'it/^/^j for a witaeflcconccrnmg tlic faculties, fet- 
'^'thdovviic the(e vvords which ?Wi*.f writethot'Endiucand Succonc, Diuers of the later Phifici. 

A, -; 

pntcrtlit I in French ?ijfentit ou coaronrts defrcitu 3 or Dem i 

diuers PifTcabcd. , v .^ . 


Dandelion is like in temperature to Succoric,that is to faic to wildcEndiucJtis col(lc,but it dri- 

cthmotc and doth withall clcnlc and opcabyrcaibnofthebittcrnes which it hath ioincd with it: 

and therefore it is good for thofc things for which Succorie is, - . 





THcrc be two kindcs of Sowthiftlcs one tenderer and foftcr; the other niprc pricking & wilder, 
whereof there be fundric forts more founde by the diligence of the later writers, all which ftial 
be comprehended in this chapter^andeuery one be diftinguilhed with a fcuerall defcription. 

*k 'The defiriftkn. 
1 ^"T^ He pricUic Sowthiftle hath longbroadclcaues cut very dcepely eiicn to the middle ribbe^ 
I full of fmali prickles rounde about the edges {bme thing harde and fharpe 5 with a rough 
and hollovve ftalke. The flowers ftandc on the toppcs of the braunchcSjConfifting of many 
(mall torne leaues^fingle and yellow of colounand when the fecde is lipe it turneth into downe,ana 
is carried away with the witide.The whole plant is full of a white milkie \\&tc^ ' 

3 The ftalk of hares lettuce or (Inooth Sowthiftle^is oftentimes a cubite high,cdgcd & hoIIow,of a 
pale colour and fomtimes rcddirh.Theleauesbe greene,broadj fet round about with deepe cuts or 
ga(hcs finooth and without prickles. The flowers ftandc at the top of the braunches yellow of co- 
lour, which arc car icd away with the windc when the fccde is ripe. 


Prickly Sowthillle. 

2 SonihtuLauk* 
Hares Lettuce. 




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THE S.e$ Dl P bOOK E 0F+ THE 

- ~~ I :~us-t 
Deuslleea k.i~ 

iO« fandelion. 

a Der;eoP~ah04;4 
Succoz6icr D4~ai 4ka;il n. 



ft.- vvcv 


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-,ntionethin his x43.chapter,who citing Paulus for a witnefi concerning tine faculties, fit 
fthefe woj ds which Pad. writeth of Endiue and Succorie. Ditrst of the later Phifit. 
ItDexs aor Dandelion:it is called in high Dutch tXltantIf in low Dutch a*, ' 
Hin Fr fenh it e corowne deprefire ,or Det de lyon: in Englifh Dandelion , and of 
ditsPiabcd. , ra ,sdj 

I isk t~tmperatuiro Succorie.that is to i nd is t it 4ku- 
S ohwihall clenfe an opeby reafonoftn o~hi athi hit 
and h is good for thofe thin rwbich Succoriei 
0'*g1A-u W.iL."U It l..i* 

*bT'kle. he kd . 
T of Sowthesone tenderer and -fter: "lei 
ebe rie fort ofunde by the die ihe late 

hi it boade icauis c 

the edgesfome arde 
The owers fande on the toppes 
sg n4 wofcolour:and whenth i 

c.e whole plant is full of a white milkie 
ST or inot Sowcrhiftlejsis oftentimes a cubite hi 

doT ausbe greenebroad, froued -ireh deepeeteti 

i.The foyers fiande at the topdfthe u ch owofco.